Self Healing Dieties course

Self Healing Dieties course


Zuri Beauty Academy offer Self Healing Dieties course in Chandigarh. Student can learn 100% practical a training.

The Source Healing technique is very simple and can be approved out in less than 10 minutes.  Source Healing does not engage physical contact, and it is a ideal average for distant healing.  Face-to-face healing is also very efficient.

Course Content :

Certification Course in Self healing Diet

  1. Retention of Nutrition.
  2. Is your food safe to eat
  3. Convenience food(Preserved/Ready to eat foods)
  4. Nutrition Deving pregnancy
  5. Food tepoash?
  6. Infancy& Pre-school Nutrition
  7. Food misimfermation(food label reading)
  8. Nutrition in old age
  9. Importance of carb,fats,proteins,micro nutrients.
  10. Let us choose me right food
  11. Energy Metabolism.
Duration Eligibility Schedule
15 days 10th Standard 5 Days/Week


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