Music Academy in Chandigarh and Punjab

Music Academy in Chandigarh and Punjab

Music Academy in Chandigarh and Punjab

Music Academy in Chandigarh and Punjab, As a music student you will work closely with our highly dedicated faculty members and enjoy numerous stage performances and opportunities. Our Music Production Courses in Chandigarh makes you understand your equipment, the advanced capabilities of your software and teach you the art of combining your creativity with what you want to create.

Diploma in Music Production (EMP) course is an amazing opportunity for all the Music lovers to convert their passion for music into Professional Career or even as a side career. Doing Diploma in Music Production with Morph Music Academy will not just give you the power of producing music but also lots of module from Sound engineering course is also covered in it to make students capable enough to Collaborate further or to work in a Music studio environment in their career.

Duration : 6 months / 2 hours or  3 Months / 4 hours in day
Qualification : 10th or 12th

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Diploma in Music Production in Chandigarh is the best course for who want to be a music director. This program offers you the opportunity to build and hone the skills required of today’s music producers and engineers. Course aims at imparting sound skills in Digital Music Production & Modern Audio Engineering concepts/techniques, which are globally recognized. Music production and sound engineering course in Chandigarh. Samplers and leading software packages including Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Pro Tools

Mixing and Mastering is the most crucial part of making a great song. It’s the magic that brings life into your song. Learn how to mix and master like professionals. Subjects covered include, EQ, compression, panning, level balancing, reverb and special effects.

  • INTRODUCTION COURSESMusic-course--sound-engineering-course4

    Great if you’re a total beginner or self-taught
    Build a foundational understanding of music production Teaches you to produce comfortably with Ableton Live


    Suitable for confident producers looking to improve Takes you from an intermediate to an advanced level Bolt on extra modules to customise your training


    Perfect if you’re a total beginner or self-taught
    Will take you to an advanced level of music production
    For those looking to pursue a career in the music industry