Masters in Cosmetology

Cosmetologists learn about beauty treatments, cosmetics, and hair and nail care. Master cosmetologists have additional training and experience than regular cosmetologists, including knowledge gleaned from courses in anatomy, physiology and business management. Job growth for cosmetologists is expected to rise, and having advanced education in this field may put you at the top of the list for the best positions in hotels and spas. Masters in cosmetology course in Chandigarh broadly covers all topics of basic & advance beauty, basic hairs, and makeup. Course Content is 2 years and maximum 1400 hours. To know more about the course, just drop your query. Masters in Cosmetology is a union of 8 different courses being offered to the you.

Here at Zuri Beauty Academy we pride on providing the best beauty courses in Chandigarh. Candidates who opt for masters in cosmetology have additional training and experience than standard cosmetologists as they have gathered knowledge from courses in physiology and business administration.

The curriculum makes the candidates proficient in all the aspects of beauty services for them to substantiate their dreams and passions. Our program empowers the candidates to be self employed or work with high end operations and acting industries.

Art of Beauty Culture

Professional Beauty Culture

Advance Beauty Culture

Art of Hair Designing

Professional Hair Designing

Advance Hair Designing

Masters in Hair Designing

Art of Make Up

Professional Make Up

Advance Make Up

Masters in Make Up

Body Therapy

SPA Therapy

Nail Art

Nail Extension

Gel Extension

Acrylic Nail Extensions

Making of Cone

Basic Art Design


Maharaja Style

Rajasthani Style

Arabic Style

Flower Work

Shading Work

Accessory Work

Glitter Work

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Duration Eligibility Schedule
2 Years 10th Standard 5 Days/Week