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A career as a bridal makeup artist requires skill and training in makeup techniques, as well as the charisma to work with nervous brides. Let’s explore the steps you can take to become a nuptial makeup artist.

The day of the wedding can be one of the most photographed and recorded events in the life of a bride. For an event that is so important, some brides hire bridal makeup artists, professional makeup artists who apply makeup to brides and, in some cases, other members of the wedding party. This usually involves meeting with the bride in advance to discuss their needs and applying makeup several times during the wedding ceremony and celebration.

A career in this field requires people skills, commercial knowledge and self-marketing and networking skills.


Steps necessary to become a Bridal Makeup Artist


Step 1: get training in artistic makeup

While a degree in cosmetology is not mandatory, some form of postsecondary training is usually required. Make-up art courses provide students with training in the techniques and tools used to apply cosmetics on special occasions. Students discover how to create glamorous and natural looks for brides. In addition, makeup artists learn to analyze the skin and use makeup to correct defects. Some training programs can be completed in just a few months and lead to a diploma.

Artistic makeup programs can also include business training for students who plan to operate their own businesses. Business courses can teach the aspiring bridal makeup artist about marketing techniques and portfolio construction.


Step 2: Create a portfolio

A portfolio is an essential tool for a bridal makeup artist. The portfolio contains photographs of the makeup artist’s work and demonstrates mastery, skill and style. These photos can be obtained by taking some quick photos after working with a girlfriend, or you can collaborate with beginning wedding photographers to obtain professional photographs. Both the photographer and the make-up artist can use the photographs in their portfolios.


Step 3: Obtain a cosmetologist license

Makeup and cosmetic application is an area of ??cosmetology that requires a license in all states. The requirements for a cosmetology license vary, but all states require cosmetologists to complete a training program and pass a written exam. The licensing board may require the student to demonstrate cosmetology and sanitation skills in a practical examination.


Step 4: Market makeup services

There are many ways to promote your business. Bridal makeup artists can use business cards and brochures to offer services to brides. Some of these professionals work in beauty companies, such as salons, to offer services to nuptial clients. Entrepreneur makeup artists can join an association in the wedding industry, such as the Wedding Industry Professionals Association, to learn new techniques and marketing trends in the industry.


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