Diploma of Salon Management

Diploma of Salon Management. Salon management course in Punjab and India A little bit more is required of salon managers than workers. In some cases, there is little, if any, difference between the duties of managers and owners. When you step up from a cosmetologist role, such as stylist, nail tech, makeup artist, esthetician, or massage therapist, and move into management you will need additional skills. Beauty salon managers are often responsible for scheduling staff members, training new front desk workers and determining budgets. Most of these professionals possess good communication and customer service skills. Many aspiring managers begin their careers as licensed cosmetologists, barbers or estheticians.

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Course Content :

  • Legal Responsibilities
    • Importance of retail saleDiploma of Salon Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Making of Appointment Sheet
  • Mode of Payment
  • Work relations with staff
  • Client Care
  • Body Language
  • Data collection
  • Store Management
  • Advertising
  • Staff Management
  • Hazards in the clinic

Diploma of Salon Management Course with Zuri Beauty Academy

Diplomas in salon management can include core subjects such as HR policy, salon recruitment, salon marketing, customer service management and small business financial management. Some institutions that offer this course might also require students to participant in a set amount of work placement at a salon. When doing this course online you may be required to attend workshops at training locations as well. To study online you must have regular access to an internet connect computer that meets the minimum technical requirements of the course.

Diploma of Salon Management

Duration Eligibility Schedule
1 Months 10th Standard 5 Days/Week
3 Months 10th Standard 5 Days/Week
6 Months 10th Standard 5 Days/Week

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