Course for Slimming Therapies

Course Content :

Course for Slimming Therapies

Slimming Therapies course and academy in India, Therapies for Inch Loss, Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Spot Reduction, Reshaping as done in leading Weight Loss Clinics. Leading clinics in Chandigarh are of Zuri Students

Types of slimming therapies.

  1. Cryo.
  2. HFUS.
  3. Lazer- Latest-surgical machine for inch loss.
  4. RF- Body cotouring + shaping with RF.
  5. How to identity skin types.
  6. Management, Causes + Consequences of obesity.
  7. Energy nutrients & energy metabolism.
  8. Components of body weight.
  9. (Slimming therapist).
  10. Electronic musle stimulators for tummy tucks, thigh tucks.
  11. Mechanical thermal treatment- celler therm machine.
  12. Recipes with low fat cooking or oil free cooking.

Course for Slimming Therapies 

Duration Eligibility Schedule
7 days 10th Standard 5 Days/Week


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