Where can a career in makeup artistry take me?

Becoming a professional makeup artist is an exciting opportunity for many aspiring makeup lovers, but where can a career in makeup take you and is the industry diverse enough to accommodate your special skills and interests?

The answer is, YES!

The beauty industry is booming right now and more specifically opportunities in makeup product sales and makeup artistry are quickly becoming two of the strongest career choices in history. Makeup artistry in one of the most diverse career choices available today, it’s wide range of job opportunities are as varied as the BH Cosmetics 120 Eye Shadow Palette! But with so many options it can be overwhelming to pick your niche market in the industry and start doing your career choice research. Beauty has become a billion dollar industry solely because beauty and cosmetic products make women feel more confident and self-assured. These two elements combined are something money can’t buy. And yes you can make money as a makeup artist!

Makeup Artistry Career Options

1)Freelance Makeup Artist: This has become the choice of many makeup artist today, it gives the artist freedom to work independently and on their own time schedule and the flexibility of this career option is the number one reason it is so popular today. As a freelance makeup artist you will become an independent business owner in charge of all aspects of your career. As a freelance makeup art there are no limitations and you will have endless possibilities in your career. But remember you will also need to understand the marketing and business aspects of this career choice since it will be up to you to find your clients, market your business, and follow all guidelines as an independent business owner. We recommend you take a business course or at the very least read a business guidebook for makeup artists. The Business of Makeup Artistry.

2) Bridal Makeup Artist: This is a very lucrative niche market for a freelance makeup artist. Today most brides want and need a professional to travel to their wedding location to help them achieve the perfect bridal look on the most special day of their lives. Add to this the bridal party that could include the maid of honor, brides maids, mother of the bride, mother of the groom and a handful of other attendants needing your services you could have a very financially rewarding career doing exactly what you love to do. But remember this is a very demanding and exacting business to enter so be prepared for anything. Tensions run high on the day of a wedding and you will be working in an unknown environment with many distractions. If you are willing to overcome these distractions you can have a very rewarding career as a freelance bridal makeup artist.

3)Salon & Spa Makeup Artist: Working in a salon or spa is a great way to kick off your career as a pro makeup artist, you will be working along side professional cosmetologists, estheticians and other industry professionals to build your makeup clientele. Working in this environment gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills to a large in house customer base and often times sell their brand of in house cosmetics where you would make a commission. But remember working in the salon or spa you may be required you to hold a state issued cosmetology or esthetics license.

4)Print Makeup Artist: Working as a print makeup artist means working closely with a model, photographer and often times a brand company or product. In brand development you will be required to follow the direction of the director who will tell you the look you will be creating using the products they want to showcase. When you are working with a photographer they may have a specific look they are trying to capture and you will be required to create the look and the style. This is a very lucrative career and requires you to spend lots of time networking with photographers, models, and producers to showcasing your makeup skills and how flexible you are with your rime and creativity. The plus to this career is getting your work published in print or online.

5)Runway Makeup Artist: If you are serious about your makeup artistry career it is always a good idea to try and get yourself booked with a makeup company who is working with a fashion week producer at fashion event. This will require you to apply as a runway makeup artist and hustle your makeup skills to the right sources to get you a spot on a fashion runway makeup team. But remember you are not usually paid to work as a fashion week makeup artist but it will look great on your CV and can help you get other work in the fashion industry.

6)Stage and Theater Makeup: Stage makeup is enhanced makeup and will require you to exaggerate the actors features so the audience even in the back row can see their face and their facial features.  A theatre can be very big, so it is necessary for you to learn how to make eyes to look bigger, cheeks to appear rosier, and heavy contouring to enhance the actors natural facial features. But remember you may also be required to do more specialty makeup to create looks for dramatic effects.

7)Celebrity Makeup Artist: The world is full of celebrities, influencers, and the elite. As a makeup artist your skills may be required to work on any one of these people if you have the right connections or have been spotted by the right people. If you are not already connected to a face that is photographed daily, the key to breaking into the secret world of celebrity makeup is showcasing your work socially and finding a rep to help you break into the world of the elite looking for your services. This can be a very lucrative career that could find you working on location in exotic places and working with very famous faces. But remember it will require you to understand HD makeup because these faces are often photographed all day everyday by the press and the paparazzi.

8)Makeup Company Sales Rep: This career could find you working at a cosmetics counter to start off your career but could quickly become very lucrative if you have strong sales skills and are willing to put in the time and effort. This is a great way to get makeup artistry practice and up your skills as a makeup artist. You will be showcasing the makeup for the company you work for and getting the opportunity to work and a wide variety of faces. But remember to get to the high paying job in this career field you will want to push yourself to the top and work hard to become a top sales rep.

9)Beauty Blogger and Vlogger: Do you love writing? Do you love doing video blogs? Are you an expert in a niche market of the beauty world? Do you know how to set up a blog or Youtube account? Do you have a large following on your Instagram account? If you answered yes to any of these questions you might have a future career in beauty blogging. This up and coming new beauty career has made many unknown beauty bloggers into huge success stories.

10)Educator: And of course our all time favorite makeup artistry career would be Beauty Educator. This career is so rewarding and can expose you to so many amazing opportunities. If you are an experienced makeup artist and have worked in many of the careers listed above you may be qualified to become a beauty educator with a focus on makeup artistry. There is a huge demand for makeup education for women of all ages and of all skill levels. You could teach one day workshops or advance to full on pro makeup classes. Whatever you decide to do it will be up to you to create an interactive curriculum that guides your students through the makeup application process and even into the advanced techniques that so many women desire to learn today.

To gain further knowledge on how to advance your makeup artistry career and learn the techniques to enter into the Pro Makeup Artist field check out this online course that will take your makeup career to a new level.